Tuesday, 11 June 2013

a bit of a catch up

So it's been quite a while (again..)! I've been wrapped up the in wonderful land of revision! (Note sarcasm.)

But to be fair, it could be worse: I've also been in Normandy, and there are worse things than spending my breaks going for walks in an orchard and eating lots of cheese...

In fact, I suppose it's not been so bad - days reading Tom Stoppard plays, speaking Spanish and learning about the Vietnam War and Indian independence. Despite the impending threat of exams, there definitely are worse things to do in life.

But now the exams are over! Finally, I can read! Or so I thought...

I always find that after a period of time when I have spend hours dreaming about having nothing to do but curl up in bed with a good book, when I actually find myself with spare time - with no exams to feel guilty about not revising for - I just don't read. I suppose it's something to do with being out of the habit, or our wonderful propensity for procrastination, or just needing a break from doing anything - but for my two weeks off before going back to school, I only read one book!

Well, whatever the reason, now I've had my break. And I am feeling so enthusiastic and excited to jump back into my reading! Having decided to apply to do English at university next year, I have lists of novels and books on literary theory and literary criticism which honestly fill me with such excitement I find it hard to believe. (No sarcasm intended this time.) First off, Jean-Paul Sartre's What is Literature?

So hopefully, this blog will come alive again as I dive into mountains of books. And after my break from reading I couldn't be feeling more inspired and excited to jump into it.

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