Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year

New year, new year's resolution. And mine is - reading. Reading, reading, reading. So i think that ought to be accompanied by blogging, blogging, blogging.

I think a weekly blog post is what's in order, which will hopefully push me to read a book a week!

I'm just finishing A Little History of the World E. H. Gombrich, which one of the families I babysit for really sweetly gave me as a Christmas present, and then on to a bit of good ole Kafka with The Castle.

I've decided to write an EPQ (which is basically a qualification worth half an A level in the form of an extended essay) on Soviet dissident writers - so expect a lot of Russian literature in the next year! (If anyone has any suggestions of books I should read, please let me know)

Anyway so - happy new year everyone, and let 2013 be as brilliant and book-filled (or more) as last year :)

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