Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bit of an update..

Well it's been revision central over here :) For anyone else still revising, this is the best program to prevent procrastination -

Getting on well with the Master and Margarita - only got about 30 pages left, so fingers crossed I'll finish it today..

In one of my many breaks from revision, I had a go making a corner monster bookmark like MJ's ...Although mine looked so unthreatening I decided to turn him into a frog :)

Hopefully will be going to Whitstable this week, which has one of my favourite bookshops, Harbour Books. So I reckon I'll be stocking up on books pretty soon (last time I was there I bought seven books)

That's it really :) If anyone has any recommendations on which of my Classics Club books I should read next, let me know - I can't decide whether to read Jane Eyre next or Mansfield Park... Or any of the other forty-odd books I have left to choose from!


  1. I can't speak for Mansfield Park, but Jane Eyre is brilliant!

    1. Yes! I read half of it when I was about 10 but I think it was a bit difficult for me then, so I can't wait to read it again :)