Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Reading in the park

So English Lit exam done! Finally I'm letting myself read books other than Pride and Prejudice and A View from the Bridge (which are both brilliant, don't get me wrong, but they lose their charm somewhat when you've read them each three times in the past month)

What a lovely day it is! Just about to go to the park and get on with The Master and Margarita (in between snippets of revision...)

Finished Notes from Underground which I thought was brilliant - review will probably be up tomorrow.

I also ordered a book about speed reading (might be helpful with the amount of books I've got piling up to read!) It sounds really interesting, apparently most people only read at the speed they read aloud, but if you can teach yourself not to subvocalise you can double or triple your reading speed and increase the amount you actually take in. All sounds very good... :) I'll try to do a review and let you know if it actually works!

So off to the park now - sun and books here I come...

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