Monday, 21 May 2012

The Great Gatsby

So - first book down!

Blurb: Generally considered to be F. Scott Fitzgerald's finest novel, The Great Gatsby is a consummate summary of the 'roaring twenties' and a devastating exposé of the 'Jazz Age'. Through the narration of Nick Carraway, the reader is taken into the superficially glittering world of the mansions which lined the Long Island shore of the American seaboard in the 1920s, to encounter Nick's cousin Daisy, Jay Gatsby and the dark mystery which surrounds him. (Wordsworth Classics)

Thoughts: I thought it was absolutely brilliant; definitely my favourite book in a long time. What struck me was not the insight into the superficially glamourous and prosperous life of twenties America, but the peek into the lives of such brilliant characters. The atmosphere of both the riotous parties and the quieter scenes are so beautifully evoked and so charming to read. For me it was subtle yet compelling and in many ways profound.



  1. This book is on my list. It's not a long book and practically everyone gives it a rave review. I am reluctant to start it and cannot explain the apprehension. Reading Rituelen"" ( in dutch) and Dr Zhivago for may list, The GG will be the next one that I'll start. Your review gave me the needed nudge!

    1. Oh I'm glad it did! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  2. Whenever I post a review on The Classics Club I try to make time to visit everyone who also read the same book to say 'hi'!
    The list of readers of GG is now rather long and most seem to agree on how wonderful it is :-)
    Here's my review
    I love the cover you selected for your post.

  3. I am always a bit loathe to compare notes for something I disliked with someone that liked it. After all, why should I ruin what someone else likes. However, I try to compare at least two other reviews, and I'm pretty confident I cannot ruin it for you. I wouldn't truly say I disliked it anyway. I just don't love it as most everyone does. I think you make an excellent case for its merits. I enjoyed your review.
    My review: